Artists' Statements

Brian Heckman

A former textile designer and popular midlands faux finisher & muralist for many years. Brian creates fine art acrylic paintings on canvas that reflect a whimsical surrealism that brings the viewer into an alternate universe. Using light, color, and a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) sense of humor.

Cheryl Ayers

Embroidering became a passion for me when I became a grandmother to 15 grandkids...5 of those being girls who must have everything embroidered, right?! Creating special things for my family soon turned into more than a hobby and Color Me Special was born! 

Known around town for my “wine towels”, I also offer many other embroidered home accessories and just about anything for that special little one in your life. Whether it’s a wedding gift or a housewarming sercie, you can surely find something for that special occasion from Color Me Special…

Chris Marshall

Hippy Do Da Creations, born in Columbia, SC in 2012, is a fun blend of bohemian and minimalistic handcrafted jewelry. Color, sound and movement are our biggest creative inspirations. We incorporate gemstones, semi-precious stones, metal smithing and vintage findings in a variety of wearable necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Find us at Soda City Market every Saturday!

Josh Drews

Over the past eighteen years, Joshua Drews has taught high school visual and media arts and helped develop arts curriculum for South Carolina, including co-authoring the 2010 and 2017 South Carolina Media Arts standards and writing the South Carolina curriculum guide for Media Arts, and Printmaking. He is the past-president of the South Carolina Art Education Association as well as former Secondary Director for the National Art Education Association. He is proud to have a deep passion for creating and teaching art, his students, comic books, video games, his wife, daughter, and his battle cat, Tobias.

Kaitlyn Braza

Kaitlyn Braza of The Darling Collective is a creative, single mom living in Cayce, South Carolina. She found her love for embroidery in early 2015, but her love of fiber arts dates back to her high school days. Enjoying a challenge and methodical creativity - embroidery offers the perfect blend of repetitive and innovative to keep her hooked on this traditional art form.

Kyle Smith

When I first started making pottery in high school, I gave most of my wares away to friends and family but eventually I began selling through a local consignment shop. The small profit I made ignited my dream to turn my hobby into a career and after 20 years, I was able to achieve that dream. 


I enjoy spending time on the potter’s wheel making a large variety of unique functional pieces. I use a durable clay body, made with a mix of porcelain and stoneware that is ideal for everyday use.  I was inspired to carve texture into the clay, resembling swaying, high grass along the shoreline, after noticing the beauty of it while kayaking the waters of South Carolina.  I like to glaze my work with subtle, overlapping colors to give a finished look similar to a serene, watercolor landscape painting.  I am thankful for everyday that I can wake up, walk out to my studio and simply spend the entire day creating a quality product that I can sell at an affordable price.

Lindsay Palmer

Lindsay Palmer, a Special Olympics South Carolina athlete, trains and competes in swimming, bowling and stand up paddle boarding.  She has always been interested in art and art projects.  When she was recovering from open heart surgery four years ago, she was limited in physical activity and pursued paint by numbers.  She had raised over $11,000 for Special Olympics South Carolina.  When not painting she works part time at Panera Bread and cares for her 6 year old Maltese.

Max Lapin

I have developed the love of art from my grandmother who is also a painter. I took my first pottery class sophomore year in high school, and then took a second class my senior year. Pottery has been a hobby of mine since my senior year in high school. I am currently a junior at the University of South Carolina and am majoring in Public health with a business minor. Pottery has always been a fun and relaxing way for me to get away from school work. The limits to pottery are endless and that is one thing I thoroughly enjoy about it! I currently throw most of my work on the pottery wheel along with using different hand building techniques. I am very fortunate that I was able to take of my hobby and turn it into a side business while I continue my education!

Savannah Harrington

Sav’s Jewels was created in June of 2019 by University of South Carolina student, Savannah Harrington. What started as just creating necklaces and bracelets to wear and gift to friends, has now turned a passion into a side business while attending school. Using many different materials allows a multitude of styles and looks, while having a one of a kind piece.

Grady Parks

Grady Parks is currently a sophomore at Clemson University. Originally learning to paint in a high school class in 2016, he came to enjoy the process and started to create more pieces. Though having used oil several times, Grady prefers acrylic paint as his artistic medium.

Robert Parks

Wood working has been a passion of his since his early teens, making small figurines and structures for fun. Throughout the years this interest grew, and Robert worked for a carpentry company; making him an experienced cabinet maker. A senior Forestry major at Clemson University; Robert gains his inspiration from nature.

Stewart Aleshire

I have lived in South Carolina for over twenty years but am originally from Virginia. I studied oil painting at the College of William and Mary and University of South Carolina. I take classes in figure and portrait drawing/painting at the Columbia Museum of Art. Usually, I favor impressionism in my paintings but they are more similar to realism than impressionism; my favorite artist is Monet! I have been painting for over fifty years, and concentrate on oils with a focus on landscapes and architectural scenes from around the world

111 Sparkleberry Crossing Rd, Suite 2

Columbia, SC 29229


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